Quick update of some things, including my gallery with a few new pieces and an update of my video reviews (which I put my most recent "Sonic 20th Anniversary 2-Parter). Although I didn't add them, check out my Youtube page for a few pieces I didn't swiss replica watches add here, like my stuff from this past PAX East and my Rantapolooza pieces.

Not much going on in convention news, except for the prospect of the upcoming MAGfest X. I'll hopefully update before that to confirm.


First update of 2011 and already full of good news. For starters, in 2 weeks I'll be attending PAX East with the crew from Powet.Tv and hopefully gaining some sweet info and footage of all the tasty games coming out this year.

Also in convention news, I did get into the Artist's Alley at Anime Boston this year, so feel free to check me out! I'll be at Table 130 against the left wall selling art and replica watches taking commission requests. Help fund my sad existance! (my commission prices can be found HERE)

I also revamped my Reviews page so it features my most recent game reviews from YouTube. Check it out in the Musings section.


Woo, another update! Who knew? Updated my art galleries with most of my recent stuff. Also finally caved into signing up for Twitter. You can check things out here. Also be sure to check out my Youtube channel here for my latest reviews and rants!

Anime Boston for 2011 is looking iffy what with the Artist Alley table registration being what it is. I'm currently on the reserve list. Getting a table will replica watches uk determine if I go or not. Trying to attend MAGfest finally in Virginia, but probably won't be selling anything. PAX East will be the next 'con after that. We'll see what happens! Until then, visit me on Powet.TV!


Going strong with my once-a-year updates here - usually due to convention season. Attending Anime Boston again this weekend. Sitting at table 151. Thanks to those who have stopped by to buy some art or just to say hi and chat. Enjoyed talking with a good lot of you. Feel free email me with any questions or want quotes on art commissions.

I have moved to Boston for the time being, so I'll be in the area. Other convention-visits are up in the air, though Otakon is always a possibility. Not makingToracon back home in Rochester though, which is sad. Art has been slow-coming lately due to the muses being on hiatus. Hopefully I'll break out of that soon. Be sure to check out slightly more frequent updates on my deviantart page -


Attended Anime Boston this past weekend. Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought prints or commissions. I appreciate the support. Look for me at Otakon in July, as I hope to have some pieces in the Art Show again this year.

My most recent review at is a new "Keep Playing: Rewind" of Alisia Dragoon. Check it out!






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